Cleveland - 588 RTX Black Pearl Wedge


Welcome to the new face of spin. 588 RTX Wedges combine the legendary performance of 588 with added forgiveness and the breakthrough Rotex Face – Cleveland Golf's most advanced spin technology ever.

  • The 588 RTX gives you the legendary performance you expect from Cleveland and especially the premium 588 design. The latest improvement incorporates the Rotex Pattern (RTX) face which gives you forgives and their most advanced spin wedge they have created.
  • Each wedge features Cleveland's Rotex Pattern (RTX) which has been milled directly onto the wedge face to give you maximum spin from the face' roughness. This spin is even generated where players most likely to make contact with the ball near the toe of the club.
  • Maximum spin is also generated from the 16% larger 'U' grooves on the club face. These precise grooves have been made larger to help you maximise spin on the shots you play into the green to help you shoot lower scores even when playing from a bunker, the rough or even in wet weather.
  • A specific laser milling process has been used on the face of each wedge to make it more durable and to help you generate more spin due to the advanced rough surface. The more thickness that is generated results in higher levels of spin from all lies so you can stop the ball nearer the flag.
  • The previous CG15 model has helped to inspire the 588 RTX wedge's S-Sole by designing it to be wider near the heel and narrower near the toe to help you get the perfect impact. This sole design also helps you improve your bunker performance without losing performance on any other shots you may play with this wedge.
  • The Black Pearl finish looks sensational and helps to eliminate glare and 'frame' the white golf ball at address for even more confidence.
  • Each wedge is fitted with a True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft with a specific wedge flex so you get the perfect performance and feel on all shots.

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